Balancing or I’m an Ass- You Decide

Ok snide comments aside, it has been brought to my attention that perhaps this blog is a bit unbalanced in my portrayal of certain people. I believe many of these to be misinterpreted but thought it time  to take a moment to balance out the blog and publicly clear up anything that could be misconstrued. We’ll start off with some easy ones before getting in to the tough ones. I will explain why as I get to the end, but let’s get started:


Debatable Better Half- This is not a term meant to belittle my husband. It’s a dig at society. For the record, better half most commonly refers to the female part of a couple. In my opinion, which is all this blog is, neither of you are the better half.. in fact it could be debated every day who gets the title, it really could go either way. So my referring to my husband as the debatable better half, is my way of saying society has assigned the role to women. I’m saying that is debatable. For reference, I found this nifty site: .


Site Traffic– Yes, rarely referenced in my blog but just something to clear up. I am barely a blip on the radar. Although I joined up for DCBlogs a few weeks ago, I am still pretty much writing for myself and a few friends- as evidenced by my blog stats. On average, I get about 3-5 folks a day. Consider me the book at the store that they ordered a copy of and filed under obscure reference.


My Mom Curses a lot- Sorry that one is completely on target as written. That little woman sounds quite like the truck driver.


Unapologetic- When I say that, I do not mean I don’t apologize and feel bad for things. What I mean is that I spend a lot of my time saying I’m sorry and don’t be offended etc in real life, but since I attempt to be cryptic and abstract in my thoughts on this blog- I don’t feel like I have to say it. I’m really just attempting to share my feelings. If you misinterpret something I’ve written and apply it to yourself, then, by all means I’m sorry.


Amalgamations- The majority of my entries are very abstract in who they are about for a reason. It isn’t one person, it’s a combination. Mostly an entry forms because there has been a general theme in my day. If you read it and applied it to yourself, you may have been part right but likely it was not about just you.


Flawless- No, I’m not. I do not do many things right. I am in fact Flaw-Full. Maybe not a word, but you do get what I mean.


Bias- Obviously, this blog is biased. It is my thoughts and my way of feeling and my interpretation. If I knew what other people were thinking and could share their feelings, I’d be psychic. As it stands, all I can do is share my side.


I’m sure there is plenty more I could clear up but I’m sure you are seeing the pattern.


OK, so why am I clearing this up now. Maybe because my blog was found, maybe because this blog has not been negative in so long, maybe because I feel bad, maybe because I think its time. The real answer is I love my husband and if anyone interprets this blog to mean I don’t, I want to clear that up. See, as the few of you who read this know, I didn’t tell him about the blog. Yes, I lied. Well, hid I guess is more accurate. Lots of reasons I suppose but none of them coming to mind right now. Mostly because it’s been about 6-7 months and things are completely different but at the end of the day it was the wrong thing to do to share what I was thinking with you guys and not with him.


I may not have handled the confrontation so well either. When I got caught, I may have been a bit less than compassionate as I was a bit scared. Although, I know what I meant in these entries and I knew how I felt, the interpretation was shocking and a bit staggering.


So now for specific clarifications…. I love my husband. Yes, we had some issues when I had first started this blog but nothing’s perfect and they certainly weren’t meant to come across like they were his fault entirely. Again, the point of this was to add balance as well as clear things up so here goes. Luckily, it’s fairly easy since I just had this conversation yesterday.  


Random presents. He’s not lame enough to hand me roses and think that’s the best present ever. Although I do love the roses occasionally, I get little presents all the time because he was listening. They may sometimes by very silly but they are always thoughtful and always totally out of nowhere because he was just thinking of me.


Weekend Coffee Service– Every Saturday and Sunday I get coffee brought to me in bed. This Saturday morning I got surprised with breakfast. Again random, when I woke up he was cooking some eggs and bacon and yummy foods because he was going to leave me for the weekend to go hiking with his friends.


Friday night HT– We have a standing date at the supermarket every Friday. It may not be glamorous but we never miss it and it’s fun.


Last of his Food- There is nothing that gets to this girls heart faster than food. And even if it is his favorite food in the entire world and he is starving after driving hundreds of miles to take me away for the weekend, he will still feed me his last bite- without telling me of course cuz otherwise I wouldn’t take it!


Basically, he’s pretty cool and let’s face it incredibly attractive. While I am doing this because I think its right, it in no way changes that this is how I feel. Like I said, I have this blog to be honest about my feelings and share my side. So here is my side, I fucked up- no great surprise there since I am flaw-full.


OK well, I could go on but really here was the point of this very long entry. I really did hurt someone I love, no matter how unintentional it was and if one person can misinterpret this stuff, I want to make sure no one else can.


I know this doesn’t change anything BUT at least it’s out there.

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Goldilocks and no bears

In the winter, it is about 3 degrees at my desk. My co-workers and I are forced tho share one heater between the four of us, which doesn’t help much. Something about some silly fire code. And now that its summer, its about 100 degrees at my desk. If someone could find me the just right porridge, that would be fantastic.

In the meantime, if you will excuse me, I’m going to continue melting at my desk.


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Balancing on One Foot is Hard

After I lovely morning fighting with DC traffic, I have finally made it back to the office. I suppose I would not have spent so much time fighting traffic had I not made every wrong turn possible. It’s a grid for crying out loud, how did I mess it up … continuously. Perhaps I was enjoying the 100 degree weather so much I juts couldn’t give it up? As it turns out, this heat wave is annoying. But it is doubly annoying when you step inside from the heat and immediately into your exam room… where the phrase disrobe and put on your gown have never sounded sweeter right? Anyway, while not exactly her area of specialty my lovely doc did look at the ankle. She agrees, yes it is sprained.  And yes, i should stop walking on it like an idiot.

I have also fallen victim to marketing ploys yet again. As I got ready for my appointment, I enacted a time honored tradition of watching Charmed on TNT mornings. Such a great show- plus it was Shannen Doherty episodes.. so bonus. Anyway, they do know their audience so I saw about 20 commercials for a new pill. Damn effective messages! So new pills begin in a few weeks- yay!

And off to my meetings I go…. limping all the way:)






Ankle Down

OK so, I disappeared to go man the big event of the year. Went great, although my mobility appears to be the big casualty. Somehow I managed to “sprain” my ankle” It is actually the size of a soccer ball now. All in all was cool though!

In what appeared to be a terrific idea yesterday, my husband and I decided to walk the half mile to go get me a bandage. I thought maybe walking around on it might help. Alas, I’m a fool. Didn’t help my ankle much BUT we did manage to stumble upon the local Everclear concert. Weird, right? Everclear just kinda hanging in Arlington. Anyway, was fun and provided a much needed rest for my ankle.

Limped home afterwards and watched Juno (again). Still such a great movie. And in another moment of brilliance, I thought my ankle was feeling better this morning. It was, right until I put on my shoes. I will never learn will I? 

LOST as Promised

Since my meeting was shorter than anticipated I will take the extra 10 minutes to write my long awaited LOST review- as well as vote my favorite season finale.

First off, I’m more confused than ever – which i suppose is the way this story works best. As I mentioned with the previous finales, it still seemed like a SERIES finale to me. Albeit a completely baffling conclusion. They got off the island and now we know how and why only a few did, yes they want to go back, but will next season be all off the island, cuz i signed up for a series about a group of folks LOST on an island- not a bunch of regretters. 

Anyway,  the show itself was awesome, cool new info and, wow, Sun! Also, how funny was it when Sawyer came out of the water? there is a great sumup from Eonline.

Now, my favorite, Ugly Betty. Why – because it actually felt just like a pause not a wrap-up. They created new mysteries , solved old ones and it was fun.

Anyway, must run back to eat and work now.

K *I*D*S Incorporated

So I have gotten multiple songs stuck in my head today and am definitely not feeling up to a LOST review- so I thought I would share. I was reminded during a conversation about random high school movies… which I did not start.. of my generations version of High School Musical, Kids Incorporated! And while HSM may have more glamour, a steadier camera and annoyingly catchy songs.. mine had talent! Take that! So thank you to Fergie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eric Balfour, Renee Sands , Martika, Ryan Lambert and all the other talented kids for singing their little hearts out. And in case, you want to match up the names to faces or now have that song STUCK in your head, here is a present.


I have been to Target and emptied the throat care section. I am taking Chlorasceptic, Halls and anything else I can find and yet I still can’t talk. I know this is almost too good to be true to a lot of people, but it still hurts. I’m still tired and cranky BUT I just remembered LOST is on tonight. Another finale, hopefully this one won’t suck. If I have recovered by tomorrow I shall reveiew the last few finales that I watched.